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NRI Services

Real Estate Advisory:

Exploring the Indian real estate market poses numerous issues for those living abroad. Our experienced team provides the NRI Clients with professional advice on property investments, legality issues, and market trends. We have a simple software based system which makes it hassle free and easier for NRI clients to buy real estate properties in India.

Investment Planning:

We know that your monetary targets might be exclusive when compared to those of other citizens. : We shall understand your requirements and needs and design an individual investment strategy taking into account the issues of taxing, currency exchange rates and compliance with the law.

Portfolio Management:

Allow us to manage any form of investment portfolio of yours. We have a professional staff that will track the market movements, identify risks, and review the necessary changes required in your portfolio for it to perform accordingly.

Legal and Compliance Assistance:

Doing anything in this domain requires experience as it is not an easy one. Our advice is offered during the repartition process involving property, repatriation of funds, and regulatory compliances to provide easy flow operation. Our expert team makes it easier for NRI clients to get the legal aspects done without any hassle.

Taxation Services:

Our NRI specific taxation keeps you tax-efficient. We assist you in interpreting your tax obligations, filing returns, as well as take advantage of exemption and deduction opportunities.

Remittance Assistance:

Managing your investment calls for seamless fund transfers. Our system enables safe and convenient money transferring operations making sure that you will be comfortable while dealing with your finances.

Property Management:

Our property management services include hiring tenants, property inspection and maintenance. This means that whether you are out off-state or overseas, you do not have to worry as everything will be okay. Our team oversees all the property matters on behalf of the owner and keeps the owner updated about the property, essential reports and its growth.

Digital Access to Accounts:

Keep track of your investments by using our easy to use website interface. Track your portfolio, trade activity, and any relevant data from wherever you are at any time.

Transparency and efficiency are our priorities at Desirenest. We have created NRI services that shall help you to choose wisely, protect funds, and reach objectives related to money. If you are already an experienced investor or if you consider buying real estate as a new investment direction, let us help you with managing your assets at home.

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