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Legal Consultation Services by Desirenest | Get Expert Legal Advice in Property Deals

Section 1 : Paper Work

Desirenest Properties offers property owners a top-notch Legal Consultation service. Our expert Legal Professionals assist property owners with all the legal aspects of their property. This includes tasks like obtaining necessary documents and paying property taxes. Desirenest provides comprehensive support throughout all the legal processes related to your property.

Property paperwork is a vital part of property ownership. It consists of various legal documents and records connected to real estate transactions. These documents include things like Khata, Sale Deed, Property surveys, Purchase agreements, Encumbrance Certificate, and more. Property paperwork is crucial because it helps verify ownership, secure financing, and ensure compliance with local rules and regulations. This is important for both buyers and sellers in real estate deals.

Desirenest assists both buyers and sellers by offering complete solutions for these tasks. Below are some of the services provided by Desirenest, along with a brief description of what they involve and how they can be helpful:

Sub Section A: KHATA

Definition and Purpose:

A “Khata” is a property document used primarily in India, particularly in Bangalore, Karnataka, for property ownership and taxation purposes. It serves as an official record maintained by local municipal authorities to identify property owners and record details related to property tax assessment and payments.

Components of a Khata:

  1. Property Owner’s Information: This section includes the property owner(s) name(s) and contact details.
  2. Property Details: It provides information about the property, including its address, plot number, survey number, and location.
  3. Built-Up Area: The Khata records the total built-up area, encompassing the house or building and any additional structures.
  4. Property Identification Number (PID): A unique identifier assigned to the property by municipal authorities for tracking and referencing purposes.
  5. Property Tax Assessment: The Khata specifies the property’s assessed value, used to calculate property taxes payable to the local municipality.
  6. Property Tax Payment History: It maintains a record of property tax payments made, including payment amounts, dates, and any outstanding dues.
  7. Khata Certificate Number: Each Khata receives a unique certificate number for reference.

Types of Khata:

  1. A Khata: Properties under “A Khata” are compliant with municipal regulations and eligible for all municipal services.
  2. B Khata: Properties listed as “B Khata” may have construction or documentation irregularities and may face service restrictions and potentially reduced value.


  1. Property Ownership: Khata establishes legal ownership of a property.
  2. Property Tax Assessment: It helps authorities determine property tax liabilities.
  3. Transaction and Loans: It is required for property transactions and obtaining loans against the property.
  4. Legal Reference: Khata serves as an official record in property disputes and legal matters.
  5. Obtaining a Khata:Property owners generally need to submit required documents and fees to their local municipal authority to obtain a Khata.
  6. Update and Transfer: Khata can be updated to reflect changes in property ownership or property modifications. Please note that Khata regulations and procedures can vary by Indian state or municipality. Property owners should consult local authorities or legal experts for guidance on Khata-related matters.

Sub Section B: EC Procurement

Why is EC needed ?

An encumbrance certificate is a legal document that provides information about the ownership status and any financial or legal liabilities associated with a particular property or real estate asset. It is typically issued by the government or the relevant land revenue department and serves several important purposes:

How to apply for an Encumbrance Certificate (EC) With Desirenest ?
  1. To initiate your order, kindly submit your request and provide us with a scanned copy of your sale deed. You can transmit it to us via email or send it through courier, whichever method suits you best.
  2. Upon receiving your documentation, we will promptly proceed to request the Encumbrance certificate for the past decade from the appropriate jurisdictional Sub-registrar office. If you require a certificate spanning a longer timeframe, please note that additional charges will be applicable.
  3. Rest assured, we will handle all the necessary administrative tasks and diligently track the progress of your request until the certificate is obtained.
  4. Once the Encumbrance certificate is successfully acquired, it will be promptly dispatched to the address you provide. Please note that international shipping will incur an extra charge, if applicable.
What are the documents required in applying for EC ?

Sale Deed copy (with clear schedule of property description).

Timeline of the Process :

Usually, it takes 3 to 5 business days after we receive your payment and documents to complete the process for computerised data. If you have non-computerized records, the time it takes might be different. Our team will help you all the way and keep you updated on the progress.

Plan Details:

Service Order Name Service Fee
Encumbrance Certificate – Bangalore Rs.1599
Taxes: All applicable taxes included in service fees.


  1. If you choose to opt for a longer period, extra charges of Rs. 119/- per additional year will be applicable.
  2. Service fee mentioned will be applicable only within the city limits ( i.e within 25 KM Radius). For places beyond the city limits, additional service fee may apply and will be billed extra.

Sub Section C : Property Tax Payment Service

Desirenest’s Property Tax payment service makes it easy for property owners to pay their taxes with confidence. The process is straightforward, and our team is here to help you every step of the way. Here’s how you can do it in a few simple steps :

  1. Please place your order and provide us with the scanned copies of the necessary documents. You can send them to us via email or courier, depending on your convenience.
  2. Once we receive your documents, our team will promptly visit the appropriate Municipal Authority or Gram Panchayat in your jurisdiction. This includes authorities such as BBMP, BDA, or BMRDA for those residing in Bengaluru. We will then obtain an accurate estimate of your tax dues and communicate this information to you.
  3. After you’ve initiated the payment process, either through credit card or NEFT, we will proceed to acquire the Demand Draft (DD) required for your tax payment. Rest assured, we will handle all the necessary legwork and diligently follow up to ensure the tax payment is successfully processed.
  4. Once the payment is confirmed, we will obtain the tax receipt on your behalf. Subsequently, we will dispatch the tax paid receipt to your provided address via courier. Please note that for international shipping, additional charges will apply.

What are the Documents Required

The documents required for the process are as follows :

  1. Sale Deed copy
  2. Last paid Property Tax Receipt
  3. Information on whether your property is rented out or is self-occupied.
  4. Electricity Connection Number (required in some places)

TimeLine of the Process :

The estimated tax information will be gathered within 7-10 business days from the date of order placement, contingent upon receiving all necessary documents. Once the tax payment is received, tax receipts will be sent out within 10-15 business days.

Plan Details:

Service Order Name Service Fee
Property Tax Payment Rs.1899
Taxes: All applicable taxes included in service fees.


  1. If the tax due is more than one year, subsequent year tax payment will be charged Rs. 899/- additional per year.
  2. Service fee mentioned will be applicable only within the city limits (i.e within 25 KM Radius). For places beyond the city limits, additional service fees may apply and will be billed extra. Demand Draft charges are additional.

Section 2 : Legal Services

Legal Opinion & Legal Consultation

It is not right to take shortcuts when it comes to legal matters. Right advice from experienced professionals is very important in this aspect.

Legal opinions are really important before you buy any property. Buying property is a crucial decision, that’s why, it is always convenient to get a legal opinion!

We at Desirenest can help you with legal opinions about property. This includes checking if the property has a clean title when you buy it, reviewing sale transactions and gift, settlement, inheritance matters in the event of a dispute or litigation. We have a team of legal professionals who can provide you with right advice and help you with all the legal stuff.

It’s of prime importance to get an independent legal opinion from a competent lawyer when you buy any property. You can’t just rely on what the builder or seller says, or on the fact that a bank approves a home loan for the project. Banks mainly check if you can pay back the loan and extend loans largely on that basis.

  1. To get started, you just need to place an order and send us the documents we need. You can mail them to us, or we can pick them up locally if that’s easier for you.
  2. Once we have your documents, we’ll send them to one of our legal professionals. They’ll review everything and let us know if we need more documents or how long it will take.
  3. For complex cases, there might be extra charges. We’ll let you know about those after the lawyer reviews your case. If you agree and pay, the lawyer will start working on your legal opinion.
  4. The lawyer will review your documents and prepare the Legal Opinion based on the documents provided. After preparation, a digital copy of the legal opinion will be sent to you by email. Our team will also send a physical copy to your address, along with any documents you provided.

Plan Details:

Service Order Name Service Fee
Legal Opinion Legal Opinion (For purchase of property – Bangalore) Rs. 16999
Additional charges may apply for complex cases(For other places and other matters) Will be based on scope and feasibility
Taxes: All applicable taxes included in service fees.


Scope of service does not include any physical verification of documents at any Govt. offices. Procurement cost of any additional documents on your behalf will be billed extra.

Agreement/Deed Drafting

Creating Strong Contracts

Prevent future issues with clear agreements

To avoid problems later on, it’s crucial to make sure your contracts or agreements are well-written and include all the important points. Having your agreements and documents drafted correctly is essential for a healthy relationship or deal. A good contract can discourage unnecessary litigation and legal issues.

We at Desirenest can help you draft agreements, contracts, and documents for property-related matters. This includes documents like sales agreements, property transfer deeds, gift documents, wills, property division agreements, and settlement documents etc. It is worth mentioning that well-written legal papers and documents can prevent confusion and disputes in the future by making everything clear and purposeful.

  1. To get started, simply place an order and send us the necessary documents and information via email or courier, whichever is more convenient for you. We can even arrange to pick up documents locally.
  2. We’ll send your documents to one of our trusted experienced lawyers to prepare or review the agreement or deed for your specific needs. The prime goal is to protect your interests and ensure that any deal you enter into is fair and secures your ownership of the property and its peaceful possession for you and your successors.
  3. Once the draft is ready, we’ll send it to you by email so you can use it for its intended purpose.

Timeline of the Process:

You can expect to receive the draft format within 10-15 business days after receiving of payment and your documents.

Plan Details:

Service Order Name Service Fee
Sale Agreement/Deed Drafting or Vetting Rs. 7999 per Document (Bangalore)
Other Deeds & For other locations Based on scope of work
Taxes: All applicable taxes included in service fees.


Scope of service does not include any physical verification of documents at any Govt. offices or Deed registration assistance at Sub Registrar Office. Such services are available at extra cost.


Make Registering Your Property Easier

Are you planning to register a property, but worried about language barriers and complex paperwork? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We can assist you in registering your property documents like Sale Deeds or Gift Deeds at the local Sub-Registrar’s Office. We’ll guide you through the process, and if needed, our representatives or lawyers can accompany you or your Power of Attorney holder. If you are not able to be present in person, we can act as your legal representative and Power of Attorney at the cost of an additional fee.

  1. To get started, simply place an order and share the necessary documents like the Deed draft, previous Sale Deed copy, Property Tax Payment Receipt, Khata Certificate, and Extract copy. You can either send them to us or we can arrange to pick them up from you.
  2. Once we receive your documents, we’ll send them to our trusted lawyer to calculate the registration fees and stamp duty charges. We’ll also help you in obtaining the required payment instruments (Demand Draft) on time.
  3. We’ll provide guidance on any applicable TDS deductions.
  4. If you can’t be physically present for the registration, we’ll assist you in preparing a specific Power of Attorney (POA) for a family member or relative to represent you. Note that NRIs may have additional steps and charges for POA adjudication.
  5. Our executive and lawyer will be there with you or your POA holder during the registration process, ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Timeline of the Process:

You can expect to receive the draft format within 10-15 business days after receiving of payment and your documents.

Plan Details:

Service Order Name Service Fee
Registration assistance As per scope of work
Taxes: All applicable taxes included in service fees. The service fee mentioned will be applicable only within the city limits (i.e within 25 km Radius). For places beyond the city limits, additional service fees may apply and will be billed extra.


Scope of service does not include any physical verification of documents at any Govt. offices, POA drafting, registration fees, stamp duty and POA adjudication charges, as applicable will be extra.


A strong and secure rental agreement is the best way to protect yourself legally.

Rental agreements are very important documents and should not be copied without thinking or mentioning the adequate terms and conditions in a clear format. If the terms and conditions change, you should have competent legal review so that you don’t have problems, even if the tenant doesn’t follow the rules.

We can help you make a strong rental agreement to keep your property safe and protect your rights. We have experienced legal experts who can create rental contracts with specific rules that match what you need and all other essential criteria.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start by placing your order and letting us know your rental terms and conditions.
  2. After receiving your order, we’ll carefully review it. Then, we’ll create a draft of the rental agreement, making sure it follows all the necessary legal requirements. We’ll also consult with our legal team during this process.
  3. You’ll have a chance to review the draft and make any clarifications or changes you want. Upon your confirmation, the draft will become the final agreement.
  4. Our team will work closely with you and the tenant to ensure the agreement gets signed and stamped as required. You should inform the tenant in advance about our involvement to ensure a smooth process.
  5. Once the agreement is properly stamped, we’ll send it to your address. If you need international shipping, there may be extra charges.

Timeline of the Process:

It usually takes 7-10 business days upon realization of payment to complete the process.

Plan Details:

Service Order NameService Fee
Rental Agreement Assistance


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